I dislike iOS free apps...

Well, only as far as the gaming apps goes. I haven't tried any other app for iOS. I currently own an Android phone, and an iPod touch 4g. The quality on the gaming apps for iOS, is actually good. The thing that I dislike, is that with iOS apps, they basically make you want to buy the paid app, instead of using the free one. Now that may be a good thing, for the person that developed the app, but I just dislike it, as a user. With Android free apps (whether it be gaming or any other app), they let you experience everything. Then, if you want, you can purchase a full version, but it brings extra things with the paid app. So for example; I downloaded a free game app from my iPod Touch.. The game wasn't a full version. Sort of like a demo. Then it shows a button to press on, so you can buy the full version.. That I dislike! On the Android, I have downloaded multiple free gaming apps, and they treat it as a full version.. BUT, if you want extra/more features, you can buy the app. So they're aren't really focusing on getting money, solely. That is a main reason, why I don't like using the "App Store", on my iPod Touch.

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